High Protein Diet

High protein diet has been gaining a lot of attention in recent years. The high protein diets focus on consumption of more protein and attempts to lower the carbohydrate intake. The carbohyfrates cause swing in blood sugar and the body creates more fat.

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High Protein Diets

In high protein diet plan the meals normally contain no carbohydrate and a lots of proteins. You are not supplosed to eat any sugar, fruits, grains, toast etc.

High protein diet mainly consists of meat and cheese, which can lead to over sonsumption of cholesterol. Due to low carb intake, it can lead to kidney problems as well. Since carbs are the main source of energy, the high protein only diet can make you weak.

High protein diet plan issues

High protein diets can reduce the swings in the blood sugar level but at the same time the body can experience faster weight loss. The weight loss is mainly due to loss of water weight. The healthy amount of carbohydrate helps body to store water which is necessary and healthy. The body will gain the water weight as soon as you start eating carbs again.

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