Phentermine diet pills are prescription only appetite suppressants. These pills are designed for short-term management of obesity (severe overweight). Phentermine should be used in combination of diet program and exercise and people should not consider it as a substitute for healthy diet.

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Phentermine Diet Pills

Phentermine diet pills are designed to affect neurotransmitters in the brain, thus decreasing appetite cravings. Phentermine is highly addictive, therefore not recommended for individuals with a history of drug dependency or abuse.

Phentermine is available in three different forms: resin capsules, regular capsules and tablets. It may be an effective for of weight loss when combined with healthy weight loss program and exercise.

Phentermine Diet Pills Usage and Precausion

  • Follow direction provided by your doctor and manufacturer.

  • Take your dose in the morning before breakfast or 2 hours after breakfast as directed by your doctor. As Phentermine may cause drowsiness, avoid taking it late in the day.

  • Do Not Over-Use Phentermine Diet Pills, never take 2 doese at the same time, do not increase your doses.

  • Phentermine is designed for short-term use - usually 8-12 weeks. Longer use will not increase the weight loss effects of the pill.

  • Discuss Phentermine Fully With Your Doctor

  • Phentermine Diet Pills are serious drugs, do not drive if you feel drowsy, and do not share this drug with anyone else.

Phentermine Diet Pills Side Effects

The phentermine side effects may include chest pain, depression, blurred vision, diarrhea, nausea, swelling in lower legs, headaches etc. Inform your doctor immediately if you see these side effects.

To minimize the side effects and maximize weight loss, take phetermine as directed by manufacturer and your doctor, use it with healthy weight loss diet and excercise prorgrams.

Note: Consult Your Doctor Before Taking Phentermine Diet Pills. Some weight loss pills can clash with other medication that you may be taking and may have harmful side-effects. Never overdose Phentermine.

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